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the american road

The Journey Belongs to All of Us


America has a story to tell and The American Road is a
new way to tell it – actually, to sing it.

We use historically important American songs to give voice
to modern American history through the voices of those
who lived it, for real.

We tie original songs and contemporary covers to a robust
interdisciplinary history and civics education curriculum.

We connect student inquiries to related civic and volunteer
activities to build their knowledge as legacy-bearers of our
democracy and to benefit their communities.

We offer educational resources, original media and
interactive tech to support learning and engagement.

We deliver it all through an innovative digital platform.

The American Road is a music-driven education, community civic engagement, and multimedia initiative usable at school, at home and in communities nationwide.


A comprehensive music-driven history and civics curriculum reveals the compelling story of our journey to create the nation we are today and the more perfect union we can become.


A national youth development component proactively connects students and what they are exploring through The American Road directly to more than 60,000 volunteer activities annually.


An exciting media platform reaching millions, amplifying reach and impact through live and streamed events, broadcasts, new music, original gamified series and more.

voices of many/
voice of one

  • Reaching tens of millions of youth, families and communities in every medium and on every platform
  • A shared vision of many—70+ major organizations and leaders in education, civil society, business and entertainment
  • A positive message that creating a better world starts with the voice of one

the american road

The American Road breaks new ground. It delivers new
ways of sharing our history using new tools, new resources
and new approaches to benefit youth, families and
communities nationwide.

Through your participation, The American Road will
take you to

  • The Tapestry, an innovative digital platform and pipeline
  • Extensive, accessible curricula and resources
  • Great music – both new and historic – by great artists
  • Regional and national virtual and live
  • Original gamified, interactive series
  • Broadcasts and streamed content

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The American Road


    To be part of the adventure,

    • DONATEby making a direct contribution to bring
      AR to schools and communities nationwide
    • SPONSORby taking up and supporting our positive
      message, materials, events and media
    • COLLABORATEby joining our network of remarkable
      partners, advisors, and performing artists
    • PARTICIPATEbecoming one of the first schools, classes,
      or community groups to explore The American Road

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