The American Road is your journey, too

You can make sure this fun, informative and transformative road trip reaches students, teachers, families and communities nationwide by supporting The American Road. Check out  some of the most unusual opportunities for supporters who want to make a difference.  Here’s how:


You and/or your organization can become part of our network of remarkable partners, advisors, and performing artists. Our collaborators and partners are active in development, production and delivery of this exceptional project. We also work with our collaborators to bring their work to others. If you want to collaborate with The American Road, contact us here or by emailing R McCarthy right away.


Become one of the first schools, classes, or community groups to beta test The American Road. We plan to launch pilot versions of the American Road in Fall 2021. If you want to try it out, give helpful feedback, and participate in a very fun trip before anyone else, contact us here or by emailing R McCarthy now.